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Terms and Conditions (Suppliers)

Terms and Conditions (Suppliers) – latest version March 2017

The Coach Hire Comparison website at is owned and maintained by Coach Hire Comparison Ltd (UK Registration Number 8883045). These Terms and Conditions are therefore binding between you (the Supplier) and Coach Hire Comparison Ltd for use of the website.

Suppliers to CHC who provide The Customer with reasonable quotations.

The Customer
The individual or company wishing to advertise for reasonable transportation costs from Suppliers.

The Price
The price quoted is the price you are happy to receive for the booking.

The government organisation set up to ensure all public vehicles are maintained and governed up to a minimum standard.

Coach Hire Comparison’s Objective
To match the Customer requirements with a suitable Supplier to undertake the journey.

or direct with the Supplier.
Payment for the booking between Customer and Supplier is done direct.

The statement below provides the guidelines on the usage of the Coach Hire Comparison website and on being a Supplier of Coach Hire Comparison (abbreviated to CHC).

CHC is an advertising portal that allows searching Customers the ease of finding Suppliers in their pickup area and allowing up to 4 quotations to be sent back quickly. CHC staff will work with you wherever possible to assist and advise you on converting quotes to bookings and to utilise CHC to the best of your advantage.

In order to be a Supplier of the website you must provide CHC with a copy of your ‘O’ licence. If at any time your licence is revoked, you must immediately inform CHC and your membership will be suspended until such time as a replacement ‘O’ licence is forwarded to our office. Registration is via an online form and is free to set up. CHC will activate your account once all information has been verified. You will be able to browse and quote on jobs of interest for a set monthly administration charge plus a commission on any bookings secured.

Upon registering, you will be required to complete your profile 100% to maximise the potential of Coach Hire Comparison. This will include:

  • Completing all company information accurately to allow CHC staff to carry out due diligence on your company.
  • Adding all vehicles within your fleet including full specifications and images of each vehicle.
  • An up to date logo must be visible on all quotations.
  • Your company fact file will be up to date at all times and again must include accurate information.
  • Your company Terms & Conditions will be uploaded into the system and be visible to all customers who receive a quotation from you.
  • (optional) Setting up a sub-merchant account with Nochex and supply any relevant documentation; an account manager will guide you through this

It is your responsibility to update photographs and company information during your membership. This will give you the best chance of converting your quotations to bookings. Only you can make this happen but CHC staff will always be on hand should you require any help, guidance and support.

Continuation with membership is not compulsory, therefore if you find that membership is not advantageous then you can cancel your membership without incurring any costs.

The CHC website works on a radius from your base, you can increase or decrease this via your control panel should you wish to view quotes closer to home or further afield.

Responding to quotations in a timely manner is something all Suppliers must aspire to. A maximum of 4 quotations from Suppliers will be sent to one quote ID. After this total is achieved, the quote request will be removed.

Only quote on jobs that you know you can fulfil. Giving our Customers a positive response will continue to increase your traffic and in turn the overall traffic to CHC.

All jobs should be carried out by your Company, however, we appreciate that on occasion, due to operational difficulties, it may be necessary to outsource work. If this is necessary then we request that you ensure that you use a legally compliant supplier. We encourage if possible to use a supplier from the CHC website to help with work being outsourced.

By becoming a Supplier with CHC you are agreeing to abide by the CHC User Guidelines as shown above, and any additional terms and conditions as updated on our website.

(1) Eligibility
In order to use the services provided at the Coach Hire Comparison website you must be aged 18 years or over and able to enter into a legal contract according to the applicable laws in the UK.

(2) Supplier Registration
In order to use the services provided at the Coach Hire Comparison website you must register for free using the on-line registration form and provide true and honest information about your company. If the information that you provide is discovered to be false, your account on the website will be suspended whilst an investigation is carried out.
Our aim is to enable Suppliers to work directly with Customers. If we discover that a Supplier has misrepresented their application then they will be removed from the system.

Registration and set up is free, however you will be required to enter into a set monthly direct debit for an administration fee in order for you to quote on unlimited jobs that are of interest to you. Bookings must be dealt with via the Coach Hire Comparison platform together with the online Payment Portal (if applicable), this is the most efficient and safest way to take payments from your customers, knowing that the payment is protected under our payment scheme, however payments can be arranged offline direct with your customers also.

Suppliers taking bookings offline will be taken very seriously and will have their account terminated without notice and with immediate effect. If you do not agree to these terms then please do not take your registration further.

(3) The Role of the Coach Hire Comparison website
The Coach Hire Comparison website provides an internet venue where Customers may register their job requirements online. CHC acts as a facilitator to help provide a Customer with a suitable Supplier. Any contract is strictly between a Customer and the Supplier.

(4) Payment Terms for Service
Online payment terms are set by Coach Hire Comparison for the booking between the Customer and the Supplier. Online Payments are made via CHC’s online Payment Portal, Nochex and held securely until the Friday after the date of the outbound journey has taken place.

Terms for direct payments between Customer and Supplier are set by the operator.

(5) Suppliers Taking bookings offline
Knowingly taking bookings offline will result in immediate termination of your CHC membership. All bookings generated through CHC must stay online through the full booking and payment process. Regular checks are made by CHC to ensure this rule is adhered to at all times.

(6) Customer wanting to take bookings offline
If a customer approaches you and requests to take a booking offline, you must explain to them that all bookings and payments that do not go through the Coach Hire Comparison system, means they are not endorsed for the Payment Protection Scheme which covers them in the event of a booked vehicle not turning up, in which case a full refund will be issued.

(7) The Price the customer pays
The price the customer pays is the price you enter.

(8) Bookings you accept
Any bookings you accept from CHC must be honoured and at no point must you cancel a job once you’ve accepted it. Outsourcing a job is permitted but only on occasions where you have a vehicle breakdown, driver shortage or something similar.

(9) Driving breaks
Coach Companies are responsible for ensuring compliance to rules and regulations as laid down by European Driving Regulations. When you provide a quote you may specify double drivers in order to maximise driving time. However, driving breaks will be written into the drivers schedule for both the customer and drivers convenience.

(10) Business Obligations
Suppliers have an obligation to provide safe legally operated vehicles.

(11) Working time directive
The European working time directive sets down rules governing the safe driving of passenger transport vehicles. In order to meet its requirement all Suppliers must operate under these strict rules.

(12) Site Interference
You undertake along with any affiliated party or parties contracted by you not to take any actions to interfere with the operation or performance of the Coach Hire Comparison website. This includes but is not limited to the use of any software, hardware or programmed routine that could destabilise the website or interfere with any of the information held on the site.

(13) Limitation of Liability
In no event shall Coach Hire Comparison (including its officers, employees, directors and suppliers) be held liable for any loss of profits, revenues, or any special incidental or consequential damages, however arising, including negligence resulting from or in connection with this agreement or use of the Coach Hire Comparison website.

The Coach Hire Comparison website and services are offered ‘as available’ and ‘as is’ without any warranties or guarantees expressed or implied. We and our suppliers specifically disclaim the implied warranties of title, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non infringement.

(14) Indemnification
You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Coach Hire Comparison (including its officers, employees, directors and suppliers) from any claim or demand including legal fees made by any third party due to or arising from your use of the Coach Hire Comparison website.

(15) User Agreement Violations
Coach Hire Comparison reserves the right to terminate your account temporarily or permanently should you violate any part of the Terms and Conditions or User agreement. This includes the termination or suspension of any transactions you may be involved in at the time, without refund, compensation or liability for loss of business or revenue which you may claim as a result of such termination.

(16) Disclosure
The services offered at the website are provided by Coach Hire Comparison Ltd. These Terms and Conditions are legally binding between the Supplier and Coach Hire Comparison Ltd.

Coach Hire Comparison reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time. Changes will be posted on the Coach Hire Comparison website and will be considered effective when posted. If you do not accept these terms and conditions at the time of reading then your account will be closed with us.