Cancellation and Refund Policy

During the normal course of business, it’s likely that there will be occasions when a customer may need to cancel their booking.

  1. If a customer does have to cancel and an alternative date is a possibility, offer them credit for their future date if possible.
  2. Alternatively, encourage them to check their travel insurance as – depending on their reasons for cancelling – your customer may be covered by their policy. For instance, circumstances such as flooding, heavy snowfall or illness may all be covered in their policy.
  3. All parties be prompt in your communications and obtain confirmation of any monies paid in and out for deposits and refunds.
  4. We operate a very simple cancellation policy for refunds as below:-
    • In all circumstances, if a deposit has been paid, you will lose your deposit payment
    • All other circumstances would need to be addressed individually, on a case by case basis
    • It is the sole discretion of the supplier if they honour a refund or part refund but under no circumstances are they obliged to

If the Supplier needs to cancel a booking:-

  • Be as helpful as possible. The customer is likely to feel disappointed so be understanding, explain why you have had to cancel the booking and offer alternative solutions.
  • Offer a full refund when you are the one cancelling the booking.
  • As a gesture of goodwill, you might like to offer the customer a discounted rate for a future journey.
  • If you are forced to cancel a journey due to weather-related incidents and other ‘Acts of God’, the customers insurance should cover them and the supplier is not obliged to offer a refund.