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Spooky places to visit this Halloween (and beyond…)

Spooky places to visit this Halloween (and beyond…)

Scary things are happening all across the country as Halloween is fast approaching. If you’re looking for something spooky and exciting to do, there’s plenty to sink your teeth into.   

Whether it’s a family-friendly day out, or a fun evening with your friends that you’re after, we’ve found some of the most thrilling events across the country for you to explore. 

Abramelin's Academy of Arcana at Nottingham Castle 

Friday 29 – Sunday 31 October 2021 

Fans of Harry Potter will love this wizard-themed experience at Nottingham Castle. Join wizard Abramelin and his mystical friends to learn about the oldest of the mysterious arts. Visit three locations and be entertained and amazed by wonderful magical displays, craft activities for the kids and lavish costumes. 

Visitors are encouraged to dress up and take photos, and fans of Ghostbusters will be blown away when the Ecto-1 arrives on the 31st October. 

Halloween fun at Bolsover Castle  

Saturday 23 - Sunday 31 October 

Looming over a town once described as "the satanic capital of Britain", Bolsover Castle is one the country's most ‘haunted’ landmarks. So it’s with good reason that they’ve chosen to go all out this halloween. 

Kids can enjoy the brand new adventure trail inspired by the Wizards of Once series. Can you find all of the ingredients for the spell in order to get rid of the witches and uncover the location of the Cup of Second Chances?  

For the bigger people, ghost tours will be taking place at the castle over Halloween weekend. Join the storytellers as they guide you on a bone-chilling journey through the past and let you in on all of the horrors from history. Just don’t forget your torch... 

Scarefest at Alton Towers 


If you’re after a double adrenaline rush, Alton Towers is the place to be this Halloween. Face the head spinning rides and attractions in darkness...if you dare. Make your way around one of the 4 multi-award winning terrifying mazes, or walk through the town where every day is Halloween.  

Laugh and scream in the Alton Towers Dungeon whilst being sentenced by the Bishop of Stafford. In these dark chambers, try to survive the plague, and endure humiliation as well as pain at the hand of the Torturer.  

If you’re visiting with little’uns, there are live shows and characters to keep them entertained including the CBeebies Monster Ball and the Freaky Fun Zone. 

Norwich Ghost Walks 

Every Tuesday and Thursday 

See the spooky side of Norwich Cathedral, Norwich Castle and Elm Hill as you delve deeper into Norwich’s past. Join your ghost-hunter host as they take you on a journey through the most haunted areas of the city. 

On Tuesdays, meet at the Adam & Eve pub and take a spooky walk through Elm Hill - the oldest part of Norwich and once destroyed by a fire in 1507. With its cobbled streets, it’s the most complete medieval street in the city. 

Each Thursday brings with it Norwich’s famous River Walk. Dare you follow your ghost walk host along the banks of the river, hearing tales of its haunted past along the way?  

The Surgeon at London Dungeon 

Until 31st October 

Delve into the ancient capital’s most horrible history at the London Dungeon. The surgeon has arrived and welcomes you into his devilish Victorian surgery. 

Join the gallery of an old operating theatre and watch as the surgeon cuts and chops his way through the horrible history of Victorian age surgery, with no anaesthetic.  

Why not indulge in a gorey cocktail in the process? London Dungeon’s have created a Bloody Bellini for you to enjoy...once you’ve recovered from your tour, that is. 

 Whatton House of Horror, Loughborough 

Until 31st October 

 This is not for the faint of heart. The Path to Purgatory at Whatton House of Horror is a 40-minute walk-through immersive horror experience, and there’s no telling what’s around the next corner… 

 Walk amongst the spirits and shapeshifters and see whether you’ll be left to roam free, or entrapped by the fiery-eyed demons.  

For the few that survive, you will find the Garden of Earthly Paradise, and for the rest -  the flames of Dante’s Inferno await! 

 The Dark Arts at Warner Bros Studios 

Until 7 November 

It wouldn’t be Halloween without a mention of Harry Potter now, would it? Head to the Warner Bros studios and get involved with the Dark Arts. Between the imposing trees of the Forbidden Forest of the turrets of Hogwarts Castle, spot the Dark Mark left by Voldemort and his Death Eaters. 

 See the 100 floating pumpkins in the magnificent Great Hall or learn the moves behind a wand combat scene just like in the Battle of Hogwarts. 

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