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Minibuses vs Coaches - Should I hire a minibus or coach?

Minibuses vs Coaches - Should I hire a minibus or coach?

If you’re looking at getting a group of people from one place to another without breaking the bank, a minibus or a coach is probably your best, most cost-effective option. But which one should you pick? Luckily, Coach Hire Comparison are experts in this field and we’re here to suggest which one you should choose and why.

The type of vehicle you should choose for your journey depends entirely on how many people you are transporting. Minibuses generally transport up to 18 people, whereas coaches can transport anywhere between 30 and 50 people. Coaches are also usually seen as vehicles for longer journeys as they often have accessories such as toilets and TVs, whereas mini buses are usually quite simple.

What is a minibus?

A minibus, sometimes called a mini coach, is a vehicle designed to carry more than a car, often to the same destination on a trip or commute. In the UK, they come in many shapes, sizes and makes, but they generally all do the same job and allow small groups to get to their destination with ease.

Advantages of Minibuses

  • Cost effective, easy to share between your group of people and affordable
  • Environmentally friendly, Uses less fuel than 2 or 3 cars for the same journey
  • Very simple process and easy to get the group to the same place on time
  • Easy storage space, usually have a large boot for your luggage and space by your feet
  • Safe travel as legally required to have seat belts for all seats
  • Easily accessible for all, often have wheelchair access at rear
  • Easy to fill due to relatively small amount of seats compared to coaches

What is a coach?

Coaches are large vehicles that can seat many more people than minibuses and are generally used for longer journeys where the passengers may need to feel a little more comfortable. They are usually used for bigger group trips all going to the same destination, whether it be a day trip, school trip or sightseeing.

Advantages of coaches

  • Often have other features such as toilets, TVs and music systems to ensure the passengers are comfortable and entertained on the trip
  • Larger, comfier seats than a minibus
  • More space than minibuses ensuring additional comfort
  • Bigger vehicle than a minibus which means the ride is smoother
  • Safe due to size and legality of requiring seat belts
  • Lots of storage space, usually underneath in a safe compartment


As described, there’s many advantages to both minibuses and coaches.

They’re fantastic ways to transport a group of people to and from set destinations, and they ensure that your passengers are comfortable and relaxed.

If you’re looking at taking a small group of people from destination to destination, keeping it low cost and generally a shorter journey like an airport transfer, a minibus is your best bet.

If you want to take a larger group on a longer journey, like a day out across the country, a coach is your best bet.

It all depends on your travel time and group size, but they’re both great for certain journeys.

Whatever it is, Coach Hire Comparison can sort out your minibus or coach hire. Get a quote here.

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