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How to Plan a Stag and Hen Do in the UK

How to Plan a Stag and Hen Do in the UK

Even though the UK might not have been where you planned to be spending your stag or hen do, you may be surprised to learn that there are plenty of fun places in the UK to go. With restrictions making travelling abroad difficult, we’re here to help you plan the best stag or hen do in the UK.

First, choose your guest list

Before anything you need to work out who you want joining you and what everyone’s availability is. The good thing about having your do in the UK is that it’s more likely that everyone will be able to attend. If you’re planning your stag or hen do yourself or planning it on behalf of someone else make sure to be selective on who you invite, you want everyone to get along and have fun.

Make a group chat with everyone

Once you have decided who to invite, create a group chat this is the easiest way to communicate with everyone and share details with everyone at the same time. It can also give people a chance to get to know each other if they don’t already and work out everyone’s needs and requirements before booking.

Set a budget

Work out what everyone’s budget is, having an open discussion on what people are willing to spend will help avoid last-minute dropouts and help choose a realistic destination.

Some things to consider when it comes to budget are:

  1. Location – some cities and places are more expensive than others, so working out how much people can spend will help choose where to go.
  2. Length of trip – you may decide to spend more and go for a shorter amount of time or choose a cheaper city but go for longer. We think 3 to 4 nights is the best length of time.
  3. Activities – are you planning on doing lots of activities? If so, you will need to work out how much each of them costs and make sure to factor this into your budget.
  4. Surprises for the stag/hen – are you buying any present, joke gifts or matching clothing for the stag/hen do? If so don’t forget to factor this into the budget.
  5. Spending money – for a smooth, argument free stag or hen do we recommend everyone taking the same amount of spending money. Make sure to not spend all your budget on the accommodation and activities and have nothing left to spend on drinks or food when you get there.
  6. Are you paying for the stag/hen? – it is common for everyone to pay for the stag’s/hen’s part of the trip, so if you plan on doing this make sure you factor this into your budget.

Choose your destination and booking accommodation

 Once you’ve set your budget you can start looking at where to go and booking your accommodation, there are several different cities in the UK that are known for their nightlife. Some of our favourite cities include Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Glasgow, Bristol and of course the capital city of London. We recommend looking at Airbnb, as you can find lots of different types of accommodation from entire houses to apartments at a range of different prices so you can find something that fits within your budget. To avoid disappointment or cancellations make sure to make it clear you are a stag or hen party and check with hosts when booking as some don’t accept stag and hen parties.

Booking transport

All driving to the location can be a logistical nightmare and can get expensive when you factor in the cost of petrol as well parking. Therefore, travelling by minibus or coach is a great, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly way of travelling to an unforgettable stag or hen do. You can all travel together, making amazing memories right from the second you get picked up to the second you get dropped off afterwards.

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