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Using a source of media to promote your business

22nd January 2013

Following on from ‘How do you promote your business’ Richard Grey of Greys of Ely talks to us about how he has used video content to convey a message of the features and services he provides, read on…


Richard Says,

“As a proactive coach operator we feel that there are plenty of modern marketing techniques available to us, many of which are relatively low cost or even free. From social media to video content, there are a diverse range of ways of communicating with or conveying to your prospective clients what you can offer.


Video specifically is a great platform which can quickly and easily convey a message on many levels about your products and services. It can help prospective clients make an informed decision to use you or educate an existing client to other services they may not realise you have or can provide.


With video content being used more readily day by day it is now a relatively cheap and cost effective marketing tool, which once may have cost several thousand pounds, can now be acquired for a few hundred. The key to using it is to keep the message clear and concise and the length relatively short to keep the viewer engaged; as people are unlikely to sit through anything much longer than 2 minutes.


Our first foray into video has seen us convey our business as a professional company, backed by client testimonials and includes a brief over-view of the features and services we provide. Subsequent videos now have the choice to expand upon a specific theme or target the “Viral Video” market with a more ’tongue-in-cheek’ approach.


The web is a content hungry medium, therefore the more content you can provide to all facets of your business will simply engage more users and therefore lift your profile, with a net result of converting them to clients of the future.”