Preferred Partner Guidelines

(Latest version April 2021)


Customers will view Partner quotes with a ‘Preferred Partner’ badge and CHC will highlight throughout the quotes and booking process that you are a Partner that has been through stringent due-diligence to gain this accreditation. 

CHC aim to increase your conversion rate to a good, sustainable level throughout the year with this status.

To achieve a ‘Preferred Partner’ status for your company, you agree to use the system in the following way. 

  • To keep your profile up to date on a regular basis with good quality images and vehicle specification correct.
  • All quotations are priced correctly with dates, times and any additional information carefully accounted for.
  • Send prices back in a timely manner.
  • Any additional information asked by the customer at quote stage that requires an answer is replied to professionally – this also applies to messages asked after they’ve received your quotation.
  • If a customer calls you to ask questions or to book, you are professional in your approach and clear and concise with your answers. 
  • All bookings to be made online from either you encouraging the customer to reserve the vehicle online or for you to book the vehicle for them through your dashboard.
  • Some customers may try to find your company website or direct phone number to move the booking offline. Any booking that will try to do this must either be reverted back to CHC, guide the customer through the CHC process convert this booking yourself through your dashboard.
  • You agree to CHC secret shopping your business at least 4 times per year – this will allow CHC to monitor offline bookings being made away from CHC.
  • If any bookings are made knowingly offline after they’ve initially been quoted through CHC, your account with CHC will be terminated immediately. 

Your Profile on CHC

  • Vehicle images must be of a good quality standard and show at least an outside and inside shot.
  • All parts of the profile to be kept up to date whenever you make any changes to your business.

Receiving and Sending Quotations

  • When a customer asks you for a quotation, you must at all times answer efficiently and professionally.
  • Always quote for the total return price with no hidden charges for the customer unless the journey is a one-way trip. 
  • If the customer asks any questions regarding the trip, you must always answer to the best of your knowledge.

Receiving and Answering Messages

  • Any messages the customer asks you are answered quickly and professionally at all times. Your average response time is taken each time a new question is asked. 

Phone-Calls Received

  • When a customer calls your virtual telephone-number you must answer these calls efficiently and professionally. Your customer service levels must remain high when answering any questions the customer has. At all times, bookings are either converted from the phone-call yourself or you guide the customer through the CHC process to book the vehicle online. You are also expected to confidently talk about the next steps of the booking when a customer has agreed to go-ahead with your price. 

Payment Protection

  • CHC will ask you to promote to the customer wherever possible the payment protection offering that we give. Full details of this policy can be viewed here.

Online Bookings

  • When a customer requests a booking, you agree to confirming the booking ASAP. Your response time will be taken from the time the booking is sent to the time you accept or reject.
  • You agree to accepting all jobs that have been quoted within 72 hours.

Payment Notifications

  • When a customer updates their payment schedule, you agree to updating your booking for that reference ASAP. 
  • If a customer has sent you payment but hasn’t updated their payment schedule, we expect you to update your dashboard so the customer still gets notification their payment has been received.

Allocation of Driver

  • Every booking must receive the driver allocation before the day of travel. 


  • Coach Hire Comparison prides itself on the reviews we receive from customers who book through the system. We expect you to do the same and encourage customers who have travelled with you to leave you feedback. Each customer will automatically be asked to leave feedback within 48 hours of the journey finishing. These reviews are shown on all quotations you send out through CHC and helps you to convert quotes to bookings.