Coach Hire Inspections and Safety Checks

1st March 2016

Reputable coach hire firms that stick to the regulations are the best type of coach hire companies for a number of reasons but mainly due to your own safety. There are a number of facts below that set out what is expected of any coach hire company.


Did you know:-

  • Roadside safety inspections can be carried out at any time by the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (DVSA).
  • Operators will be penalised if it is found in breach of regulations, such as overloading.
  • DVSA runs a vehicle safety recalls database and any operator can search to find out if safety recalls have been issued for vehicles.


Operators are responsible for:-

  • Inspections for vehicles and trailers
  • Giving drivers clear written instructions about their roadworthiness responsibilities
  • Checking vehicles have been correctly loaded
  • Checking items affecting roadworthiness, such as tyres
  • Drivers must also carry out vehicle safety checks, including daily walk-around checks before driving
  • Prompt reporting of safety defects
  • Maintaining written records of defect reports and all rectification work


Many coach hire companies stick to all of the above and even implement their own daily safety inspections that ensure your safety whilst using their coaches. When booking a coach hire company it is important that you check that the above has been adhered to.


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